Aurora Borealis

25-09-2016 00:00

 'Aurora Borealis' for  harp and theremin for  duo Renske de Leuw and Thorwald Jorgensen. 

 With the modi of Messiaen and the colors are chosen by Jo Ivens,  is a beautiful esotheric piece.

Premièred  september 24th in Amsterdam Ostade Theater

It was a nice atmospheric première and beautiful performed by Renske de Leuw and Thorwald Jorgensen, just something else and new by the singing  of Thorwald together with the theremin, but an other melody than th theremin

November 4th 2016 they performed it in Oirschot.

March 12th 2017 Kruisherenkapel Uden

April 9th 2017 Concert by Natalia, Sint Michielsgestel