Schicksal for pianotrio

09-10-2016 00:00

The 'Haarlem trio' will perform 'Schicksal' for piano trio, next season.

Daan Treur - piano, Eduardo Paredes Crespo - viool, Isabel Vaz - cello

It is 100 years this year, 2016. Since the artist Franz Marc died at the age of 36 in the First World War and I have written this composition to commemorate his death.

The  piece  is based on the theme of a 1914 painting by Franz Marc  ‘Tierschicksale’  (the fate of the animals), wich shows desperate animals caught in a forest fire.  - He was the first artist to show the fate of animals in this way –

For a look in the score, see below:

 Kein zweiter Maler hat Schönheit und Würde der Tiere.pdf (281,2 kB)

Schicksal for pianotrio text.docx (16,7 kB)

pianotrio final version 1-5.pdf (41866)