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announcement Descending to Avalon voor cello solo

09-08-2017 13:19
  announcement from Maya Fridman Dear friends, I would like to invite you to my Red Velvet Recital at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek and to tell you that I am very honoured to be musician-in-residence from season 2017/18 onwards!  This concert will be partly based on my recently released album...

toekomst muziek

05-07-2017 21:00
TOEKOMST MUZIEK! Eva Vermeeren (viool) en Karen Peeters (harp) gaan mijn compositie 'Mizu no Oto' binnenkort doorspelen. Ilse de Ziah (cello) en Elisabeth Kelvin (klarinet) gaan 'Moon' en 'Awaking' doorspelen in augustus. Het Haarlem trio wil 'Schicksal' gaan uitvoeren (indien uitvoerings...

Laugh With Bach for Bb Clarinet

25-04-2017 20:56
I worked on an album for  Clarinet Bb for intermediate level. Irene Brouwer was helping me to get the exact level for intermediate students and I am very grateful to her. There will be 10 little pieces even as in Laugh with Bach for piano, but because a clarinet is a totally different...

Mécanique Céleste

28-03-2017 14:02
The 25th july 19:00 Janno den Engelsman will perform Mécanique Céleste for carillon again on the Lange Jan in Middelburg. I like it when my composition are performed more times. You can buy the score also by the Beiaard Centrum Nederland


27-03-2017 11:16
Thereminimal is a minimal music composition for theremin and harp and looping station, with voices and text. Thorwald Jorgensen en Renske de Leuw will perform it on 9th april 2017 in Sint Michielsgestel. It is a new sound for the theremin and harp for there it will be accompagnied by the looping...

new composition

23-01-2017 20:52
I was asked to write a composition for cello solo, by Maya Fridman. The title is 'Descending to Avalon', it is a very mystical piece. we will had a rehearsal and will be another in august She is playing the premier during the International Cello Festival in Zutphen  and during the Gaudeamus...

new albums

05-01-2017 19:37
I received my 19th album 'Mystery of Mellon Udridgle for alt sax and accordion. It is already performed by Marijke Schröer and Ellen Zijm a year ago. And it will be performed again by Jo Hennen and Tom van Aarle 8th of october 2017  

Schicksal for pianotrio

09-10-2016 00:00
The 'Haarlem trio' will perform 'Schicksal' for piano trio, next season. Daan Treur - piano, Eduardo Paredes Crespo - viool, Isabel Vaz - cello It is 100 years this year, 2016. Since the artist Franz Marc died at the age of 36 in the First World War and I have written this composition to...

Aurora Borealis

25-09-2016 00:00
 'Aurora Borealis' for  harp and theremin for  duo Renske de Leuw and Thorwald Jorgensen.   With the modi of Messiaen and the colors are chosen by Jo Ivens,  is a beautiful esotheric piece. Premièred  september 24th in Amsterdam Ostade Theater It was a nice...


28-05-2016 00:00
Mai 28th and October 9th,  Beau4 performs  4 constellations of the composition Zodiac. Aries, Taurus, Twins en Cancer. The performance of  Mai 28  was very successful and Rogier de Pijper had a very nice introduction  of any constellation There are of course 12...

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