All compositions are contemporary music   

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1. Laugh with Bach for the advanced amateur pianist.
2. Piano Painting ->   for Piano,  

3. Message of Jan Rokus -> Sheet music for Saxophone quartet and temple blocks.

4. Moon -> Sheet music for Duo Clarinet in Bb and Cello ( duet for clarinet-cello )

5. Awaking -> Sheet music for Duo Clarinet in Bb and Cello ( duet for clarinet-cello )

6. Lost in a winterworld -> Sheet music for Harp solo

7. Mizu no oto ->  Sheet music for  Violin and Harp.

8. Waves -> Sheet music for Alto Saxophone

9. Characters -> 5 pieces  Sheet music for Woodquintet  

10. In a Hurry ->  Sheet music for Clarinet in Bb, Trumpet in Bb  and  Tenor Trombone.

11. Musical Adventure -> Sheet music for Clarinet in Bb, Horn in F and Bassoon.

12. Adjos ->  Sheet music for one or two Marimba Players 

13. Etude for Vibraphone to the 'Toonklok' of Peter Schat, 

14. Time is slipping by ->  Sheet music for Woodwindquintet.

15. Todi’s Gamuts ->  Sheet music for flute and piano
16. Song -> Sheet music for flute and piano

17.  Mécanique Céleste -> sheet music for carillon. 

18. Aïnte = Sleep my Child -> Sheet music for violin and accordion. 

19. Mystery of Mellon Udridgle -> sheet music for alto sax and accordion

20. Schicksal -> sheet music for piano trio violin, cello and piano
21. Zodiac -> sheet music for Flute Quartet
22. Laugh with bach for Clarinet intermediate
23. Descending to Avalon for cello solo and voice