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08-04-2024 00:00
Realised: Vibraphone: Randall Sutin ( Pennsylvania) has recorded my Etude for Vibraphone.                                                           ...

conservatory Athens

19-03-2023 09:51
The latest news. Zacharias Tarpagkos will soon start to work on Zodiac for flute quartet with his Contemporary Music class at the university in Athens. See his message: Dear Joke,   I am very happy and very...

Performers wanted: contact me through my facebook account

28-02-2023 00:00
   Performers wanted: contact me through my facebook account or send a mail to my webmail  and start with joke.vandal and than an at 01-05-2021 15:00 And I'm always looking for some performers for certain pieces that have already been released but not yet officially...

Printemps for satb choir

17-10-2022 11:48
I was advised by John Damsma to promote my choir piece and he also gave me some names of very good choirs, because that was necessary, he said.   So I started with that. The composition was just finished before the corona time and was going to be performed, but everything turned out...

The Shadow

31-10-2021 19:29
Music to a fairy tale by Hans Cristiaan Andersen for flute and bass flute will be published soon. I have already received the proof.   Is now with a Helen Hendriks , who wants to make a recording in a studio and compile both parts and she is thinking about making an arti film with it....


03-10-2019 12:46
  Despite the corona crisis, I still wrote a composition for cello solo for Isabel Vaz. she's going to do it. The idea is based on Galician cantigas from around 1300 and also written in this medieval style. The play is about a damsel at her castle. She has a date with her lover and the...

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